Auto Diagnostics

check and clear abs light, check and clear check engine light, check and clear srs light, throttle body relearn
Performance parts : wide verity of go fast performance parts top quality at reasonable prices
Key Programming : latest equipment for programming/copying transponder keys and key fobs
Tuning : providing the Latest equipment and software available on the market for maximizing power output while maintaining great fuel economy and drivability

Here, we bring you a look-see:

Meet “BUZZY” our latest tool on the block …
-Do you suspect your injectors of not firing properly ?
-Are you experiencing poor gas milage ?
-are you experiencing poor vehicle performance
Then take your injectors in for testing !!.
Not only that if you want to make it perfectly clear that the injectors you are purchasing from us is 100% working. We will test them before we sell it to you.
Nowhere else will you get this type of service



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