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Venom is an online marketing agency that helps automotive companies sell more parts and accessories. We work with both retailers and manufacturers, OEM and after-market.


HPS is recommended for use in gasoline and diesel automotive, commercial fleet and stationary industrial engines. Royal Purple® HPS® Series motor oil is specifically formulated to maximize performance and meet the demands of high performance and modified engines. HPS is recommended for vehicles no longer under manufacturer warranty and for those seeking a higher level of performance and protection. Royal Purple HPS oils are fortified with a high level of zinc / phosphorus anti-wear additive and a generous dose of Royal Purple’s proprietary Synerlec® additive technology. These unique formulations enable HPS oils to outperform leading synthetic and conventional lubricants in both gasoline and diesel engines

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Superior corrosion protection

Exceptionally high film strength for dramatic reductions in engine wear and reduced engine heat to extend the life of your engine.

what say our client.

"I went there trying to solve the problem that my button start key was not being picked up by the car. It turned out the car has electrical issues which will be sorted by them and I was able to enter my car using the manual key which I wasn't able to do prior to. They were really gentle and sought to ensure that they had a backup plan for the problem I came with if it couldn't be fixed. Kuddos to them."
Monique J
"Venom Performance Parts is the ideal place to get all your performance parts and key replacements for all vehicle models. They are very professional, efficient, competitive prices, quality parts, very reliable and great customer service. The number one place to visit in Montego Bay!"
syed wajeeh ul Hassan bukhari
"Super parts store in my book!!!"
syed Ali Shahbaz